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Community Resource Services of Colorado


List of services provided by CRS

District Formation & Organization

Administration, accounting and financial modeling

Budget preparation for CIP and operational expenses

Infrastructure design and planning assistance

Management & Administration

Preparation, coordination and attendance at Board meetings

Preparation and distribution of agendas and Board packets prior to Board meetings

Preparation of minutes for Board review

Preparation of monthly action plans for district and consultants

Maintenance of district documents including public records

Maintenance of insurance coverage and various district memberships

Completion of all required filings and notices necessary to keep district in compliance with state statutes

Performance of general administrative tasks for the district

Maintenance of accounts payables including the processing of invoices, creation of payables schedule and processing of checks

Customer Service including 24x7 emergency response

Full service Utility Management

— Water collection treatment and distribution
— Waste qater collection and distribution

Parks and Open Space Management

Complex Project Management

Facility Management including Community Center Management

Public Works Management

Utility Billing & Fee Collection

Receive, post and deposit customer payments

Complete set-up and service for utility billing and collection

Supervisions of Facilities, Operations & Maintenance

Service contract oversight and management

Preparation of district operational plan and monthly reports

Finance, Accounting & Budgeting

Financial assessment and strategic planning including preparation of long term budgets

Compile financial statements to include balance sheet, statement of revenues and expenditures, and revenue/expenditure comparison to budget

Maintain all accounting ledgers and supporting accounting documentation

Maintain accounts payable system, including processing of invoices, creation of payables schedule and processing of checks

Monitor cash flow and investments of the district and reconcile all bank accounts

Prepare financial report for Board review

Prepare annual budget for review, finalization and adoption by the Board

Prepare all audit work papers and coordinate the preparation of the annual audit report with outside independent auditors

Assist with preparation of bond issuance documents for the district

Assist with verifying district compliance with bond covenants, arbitrage rebate and reporting requirements

Issuance of Bonds & Loans

— Obtaining & Administerimg Federal Grants & Loans
— Issueing of General Obligations & Revenue bonds
— Obtaining Bank Loans

Election Services

Prepare and coordinate ballots

Conduct election and certification

Recruit, appoint and train election judges

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