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James McGrady

Senior Manager

Background Summary

James McGrady

James McGrady has worked as a Special District, City Manager, and Utility Director within the State of Colorado for the past 12 years. Jim was the City Manager for the City of Castle Pines, the District General Manager for the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District, and the Utility Director for the City of Fountain.

In addition to serving in these Executive level positions Jim has spent over 20 years working for Colorado Springs Utilities and the City of Aurora in various positions primarily focused on water resources planning, business marketing and customer service, with an expertise in Water Resources planning and engineering.

Jim is a skilled financial manager familiar with the issuance of long-term debt and the refinancing of existing debt.

Contributions to the Castle Pines Community and the City of Fountain include:

Formally established and confirmed the City of Fountain Electric, Water and Wastewater Utility Enterprise.

Obtained low cost financing from the Colorado Water Conservation Board for the reconstruction of Keeton Reservoir.

Obtained a five million dollar loan for Fountain Utilities for the purchase of water rights from the Colorado Water Resources Power Development Authority.

Negotiated and purchased 512 shares of Colorado Canal paired with Lake Meredith storage rights for the City of Fountain.

Completed the purchase of the Miller Right on Fountain Creek and began the conversion from agriculture to municipal use for the City of Fountain.

Purchased over 900 Acre feet of Water on the South Platte River for the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District.

Negotiated a 50 year water delivery agreement between the Castle Pines North metropolitan District and Centennial Water and Sanitation District.

Negotiated the acquisition of 1,500 acre feet of Storage space in Reuter Hess Reservoir with Parker Water and Sanitation District.

Conceived of and implemented Stonegate Villageƕs Renewable Water Program.

Refunded $12,000,000 of Stonegate Villages Historical Debt and issued $13,400,000 of revenue bonds for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

Managed over $5,000,000 in low interest Federal Loans for three water Districts in the Denver Metro Area.

Purchased 10 shares of Fountain Mutual Irrigation company water rights.

Completed the Refunding $31,000,000 of Historical Debt. This action reduced bond interest rates. Restrictive Bond Covenants were eliminated that precluded the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (CPNMD) from borrowing money

Issued $8,500,000 in Certificates of Participation for the purchase of 1,500 acre feet of storage space in Reuter Hess Reservoir for CPNMD.

Issued $16,000,000 in Certificates of Participation for the purchase of renewable water rights for CPNMD.

Received an AA rating from Standard and Poors. This rating was due in large part to the reduction of historical debt from $31,000,000 in 2006 to $21,000,000 in 2009.

Conceived of and implemented a Transition Plan that migrated City Management Services from CH2MHill to in house management over a six month period of time. This transition saved the City approximate $500,000 annually.

Managed the migration of all Information Technology services from CH2MHill to in-house operations. This included the purchase of phone systems, copier, servers, desktop computers, and installation of network services.

Developed comprehensive job descriptions for all positions.

Hired all City staff including Director of Finance, City Clerk, Community Development Manager, Parks and Open Space/Public Works Manager/ Building Plans Technician.

Implemented complete benefits package including retirement and health care benefits.

Assisted with the development of the Casell fund accounting software system.

Implemented the Granicus Government Transparency which improved access to public meetings and records.

Negotiated various Public Works Contracts for road and street maintenance.

Managed a $2.9 million road reconstruction project of the two largest streets in Castle Pines. This project was the largest road project ever done in the Castle Pines Community.

Working on behalf of the City negotiated a 350 acre annexation containing over 350 single family homes, and 700,000 square feet of commercial development.

Developed a plan to integrate services of the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District into City of Castle Pines.

Education and Certifications

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, University of Notre Dame

Masters of Business Administration Degree, Regis University

Engineering Courses at the University of Colorado

Engineering Courses at Idaho State University

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